CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack Full Free

CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack: The Ultimate Screen Capture Software for 2021

CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack is one of the most powerful and full-featured screen recording programs available today. In this detailed review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using this premium software to record high-quality screen capture videos on Windows PCs.


Screen recording software allows you to capture video and audio of your computer screen. This has many uses including:

  • Creating software tutorials, gameplay videos, and video presentations
  • Recording streaming videos or webinars
  • Documenting bugs/errors
  • Producing demo videos of products

While free screen recorders exist, they come with limited features and quality. CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe is a premium choice that gives you advanced recording options, powerful built-in editing tools, and superior output quality.

CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack works on both Windows and MacOS devices. It’s considered one of the top, most full-featured choices for screen capture and video editing.

Cyberlink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack

CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack can be downloaded from our site. This is a one-time purchase fee that includes access to a year of upgrades and support.

The software is around 85 MB in size and the installation process is quick and simple. Just double click the downloaded Setup file and follow the prompts.

System requirements are reasonable – CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Free download recommends at least a dual core 2.5GHz processor, 2GB RAM, and a minimum 1280×720 screen resolution.

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Configuring Recording Settings

Before starting your first screen recording, take a moment to configure your desired settings. Click on the settings gear icon in the top right corner.

Audio Settings

Under the Audio tab, you can enable:

  • Microphone – for voice narration
  • System audio – captures sounds from your computer
  • Audio input devices like external mics

You can also enable audio ducking which automatically lowers background sounds when your voice is detected.

Webcam Settings

If you want to include webcam video, go to the Webcam tab. Here you can:

  • Enable webcam overlay
  • Adjust webcam placement/sizing
  • Add webcam effects like green screen replacement

Video Settings

Under the Video tab, you’ll find:

  • Resolution – select from standard and HD resolutions up to 4K
  • Frame rates – choose 60fps for smooth recording
  • Ability to record computer monitor or second monitor
  • GPU accelerated recording for better performance

Once you have your desired configurations set, you’re ready to start recording your screen!

Recording Your Computer Screen

The screen recording process with CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Download free is simple and intuitive.

To begin, click the round Record button in the toolbar. This will launch a 3 second countdown before recording starts.

  • You can choose between fullscreen recording or selecting a specific region
  • For region selection, your cursor will change to a crosshair. Click and drag to draw a box around the area you want to record.

While recording, you can:

  • Pause/resume – click the Pause button to temporarily stop recording
  • Add timestamps – click the Add Marker button to add markers/comments at any time while recording

To end a recording, click the Stop button. This will open the video editor where you can review and edit your video before export.

Advanced Recording Options

CyberLink Screen Recorder provides extensive recording customizations:

  • Scheduled recordings – set recordings to start automatically at specific dates/times
  • Timed recordings – specify recordings durations in minutes/seconds
  • Motion detection – start recordings when movement is detected
  • Repeat recordings – set recordings to occur continuously or at defined intervals

You can record:

  • Keystrokes typed
  • Mouse clicks and movements
  • Your second monitor
  • Specific windows or applications like games

Built-in Editing Tools

Once you end a recording, CyberLink’s video editor makes it easy to polish and customize your videos with:

Trimming – Keep only the important parts and remove unnecessary sections.

Transitions – Add fades, wipes and other transitions between scenes.

Title screens – Insert customizable intro titles and end credits.

Censoring – Blur out sensitive info like personal details, passwords, etc.

Annotations – Use arrows, text boxes and shapes to call attention to areas.

Cursor effects – Highlight clicks and mouse movements.

Exporting Your Recordings

When ready to export, you have numerous options:

  • MP4 – Export as H.264 HD video, ideal for sharing online
  • Animated GIF – Convert recordings to animated GIFs to easily embed
  • EXE – Package as a standalone executable file
  • 4K video – Export in up to 3840 x 2160 UHD 4K resolution

You can share videos directly to YouTube or Facebook with a single click.

Use Cases and Benefits

CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe is versatile enough to handle a wide range of screen recording needs:

Software and Tech Tutorials

Demonstrate step-by-step guides to using software, apps, devices and more. Clearly capture menus, selections and program functions.

Game Streaming and Commentary

Perfect for gamers wanting to record or live stream their gameplay while adding webcam and narration.

Video Presentations

Record slideshow presentations with your voiceover commentary for interactive videos.

Product/Service Demos

Show how your business’ product or service works with an engaging demo video.

Bug Reporting

Capture unexpected errors or software glitches as they occur to share with developers.

Comparisons With Other Screen Recorders

How does CyberLink Screen Recorder stack up against popular alternatives?

Recorder Price Editing Tools Tech Support 4K
CyberLink Screen Recorder $79.99 built-in trim, blur, annotate, transitions, titles, effects 1 year included Yes
Screencast-O-Matic $1/month None built-in Email only No
OBS Studio Free None built-in Community forums Yes
Camtasia $249.99 Full editing suite 1 year included Yes

When evaluating on price, features, and performance – CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe hits a sweet spot between free basic recorders and more expensive advanced software like Camtasia.

Cyberlink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack


For powerful and full-featured screen capture on Windows, Full version crack CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack is a top choice. The intuitive interface makes recording simple while the built-in editor provides all the tools you need for professional edits and effects.

With support for 4K recordings, advanced customization, and great performance – Download free CyberLink Screen Recorder Deluxe Crack can handle all your screen recording needs.

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